RV College of Engineering Bangalore was established in 1963 with three engineering branches, namely Civil, Mechanical and Electrical; today, RVCE offers 12 Under Graduate Engineering programmes, 21 Master’s Degree programmes and Doctoral Studies. We have located 13 km from the heart of Bangalore City – the Silicon Valley of India, on Mysore Road. The sprawling campus is spread over 52 acres set in sylvan surroundings. It provides an ideal ambience to stimulate the teaching-learning process, helping in bringing out skilled and disciplined Engineers.

Highly qualified and dedicated faculty. It is rated one of the top ten self-financing Engineering institutions. The current annual student intake for Undergraduate Programmes & Post Graduate Programmes in Engineering is more than 1200.

The academic excellence at RV College of Engineering is reflected in its student’s exemplary record in placements in the corporate and engineering sectors. The placements department has consistently maintained an excellent recruitment record. The graduates and postgraduates of RVCE have been recruited by some of the world’s leading corp like Accenture and Adobe Systems, besides le Indian companies like Brigade and HCL.

The campus also has an exclusive Health Centre, which is open to all the students and staff. An ambulance is stationed at the Health Centre to meet any emergencies. In addition, there are sufficient buses, which take care of commutation of about one thousand students. There are two exclusive buses especially for the staff members.

College Summary

Before completing the college summary, let us look at the essential details of R V College of Engineering Bangalore.

Name of Institute        RV College of Engineering Bangalore  
LocationBangalore, Karnataka  
Year of Establishment1963  
Institute TypePrivate
Affiliated toVisvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgaum, Karnataka  
Approved by        AICTE
Courses offeredB.Tech, M.Tech, MCA  

CSE Specialization Courses

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer-Human Interface
  • Game Design
  • Networks
  • Computer Graphics
  • Information Security
  • Data Science
  • Programming Languages
  • Software Engineering
  • System Engineering

Details about Computer Science Specializations

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a computing system’s ability to solve problems, make predictions, or complete complex tasks. AI applications use emerging technology such as natural language processing, which interprets written and spoken words, and machine learning, which enables applications to make predictions and recommendations.

Skills: Mathematics and analysis, algorithms, predictive modeling

Common Roles: Artificial Intelligence Architect, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Machine Learning Engineer

Average Annual Salary for AI Skills: $125,000

  • Computer-Human Interface

Description: This specialization considers the many ways that people interact with computers, from websites and mobile phones to voice-enabled speakers and virtual reality. Effective interface development and deployment requires the use of standard libraries to ensure the compatibility and usability of applications across systems.

Skills: Communication, interpersonal skills, attention to visual detail, mapping how people use software and systems

Common Roles: User Experience (UX) Designer, User Experience Researcher, Interaction Designer

Average Annual Salary for HCI jobs: $118,942

  • Game Design

Description: In addition to the realistic images that make today’s computer games so appealing, the computer science specialization of game design looks at the AI and machine learning that determines how players progress through a game. Game design also considers how the work of front-end designers and back-end developers should come together for a cohesive product experience.

Skills: Attention to visual detail, collaboration, coding, and scripting

Common Roles: Video Game Designer, Video Game Developer, Software Engineer

Average Annual Salary for Game Design Skills: $115,846

  • Networks

Description: This specialization focuses on how organizations use both wired and wireless networks to exchange information with internal and external stakeholders. Responsibilities include managing bandwidth, traffic, user access, and the security of networks themselves, as well as any devices connected to the network.

Skills: Diagnose and troubleshoot network issues, design network architecture

Common Roles: Network Administrator, Network Analyst, Network Architect

Average Annual Salaries for Network Management Skills: Ranges from $59,865 (Network Analyst) to $121,412 (Network Architect)

  • Computer Graphics

Description: This specialization focuses on two- and three-dimensional images used in a variety of software applications, including games, computer-assisted design, manufacturing, and multimedia publishing. Beyond the concepts of creating realistic images, effective computer graphic design also considers the best way to display those images given limitations such as screen size, system memory, and bandwidth. Job options include in-house, agency, and freelance roles.

Skills: Attention to visual and artistic detail, collaboration, creativity

Common Roles: Mobile Application Developer, iOS Developer, Android Developer

Average Annual Salaries for Computer Graphics Skills: $116,192

  • Information Security

Description: Information security professionals manage all aspects of an organization’s security, including software applications, networks, storage hardware, devices, and so on. This computer science specialization requires a deep understanding of security vulnerabilities and the various methods that internal and external attackers use to exploit them. These roles must also balance security requirements with the need for employee or end-user productivity.

Skills: Communication, threat/vulnerability management, knowledge of security compliance rules and regulations

Common Roles: Security Engineer, Network Security Analyst, System Security Analyst

Average Annual Salary for Information Security Skills: $124,506

  • Data Science

Description: Data science refers to the ability to “mine” large data sets to gain useful information or insight. Organizations benefit most from data science as a practice when a variety of techniques are used to retrieve and analyze data, and when it is used to process large, complex, and sometimes unstructured sets of information, commonly referred to as “big data.”

Skills: Mathematics and analytics, attention to detail, predictive modeling

Common Roles: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Information Scientist, Database Administrator

Average Annual Salaries for Data Science Skills: Ranges from $123,419 (Data Scientist) to $145,549 (Machine Learning Engineer)

  • Programming Languages

Description: Professionals who specialize in programming languages understand the key differences between common languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic .NET, SQL, R, and C#. This includes knowledge about the types of applications, databases, or other use cases for which each language is best suited.

Skills: Coding and scripting in multiple languages, collaboration

Common Roles: Full-Stack Web Developer, Front-End Developer, Game Developer, Software Programmer

Average Annual Salary for Programming Skills: $105, 240

  • Software Engineering

Description: In addition to application development, the computer science specialization of software engineering focuses on the systems and protocols for using these applications. Professionals in these roles may have a number of different specialties, such as debugging and testing, security and scalability, or the ability of an application to add users or features without a negative impact on performance.

Skills: Coding and scripting, communication, collaboration

Common Roles: Software Development Engineer, Software Engineer

Average Annual Salary for Software Engineering Skills: $119,923

  1. System Engineering

Description: This computer science specialization helps an organization make the most of the hardware, software, and services that employees use every day. These products can include home-grown systems as well as a wide range of third-party products. Key concerns in this role include performance, security, and productivity of both the systems themselves as well as the employees working with them.

Skills: Diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware and software issues, patching and updating systems, designing system architecture

Common Roles: Systems Engineer

Average Annual Salary for Systems Management Skills: $122,180

Fee Structure

Artificial Intelligence 
Computer-Human Interface 
Game Design 
Computer Graphics 
Information Security 
Data Science 
Programming Languages 
Software Engineering 

RV University Application Process 2022

The overall application process for applying in different courses is mentioned below. Candidates can go through the steps for applying:

Step 1: Register for RVSAT 2022 by applying online here: https://admissions.rvu.edu.in/.

Step 2. Then the candidates have to undergo the RVU Selection Process depending on the course they have applied for and will be selected accordingly.

Step 3: A selection letter will be issued on the subject to fulfilment of eligibility and admission criteria.

Step 4: Successful applicants in the above selection procedure shall be registered to the programme after receipt of registration fees as specified in the selection letter.

Step 5. Upon completion of the selection procedure for selected course admissions, candidates will be notified about the admission and a Provisional Admission Letter shall be issued.

Placements at RVCE Bangalore

The college has a dedicated department of placement and training, which was established in 1997. RV College of Engineering Bangalore placement department has partnered with over 200 recruiting organisations. It ensures that deserving candidates get placed in their dream company. The RV College of Engineering Bangalore Placement department also organises several training programmes for the students, such as soft skill training sessions, which includes 36 hours of training by experienced speakers for the second and third-year undergraduate students. The college also conducts different value-added programmes, such as personality development programmes, bridge courses, and technology training programmes for interested students. RVCE Bangalore placement and training department also organises several guest talks and discussions for the students. The details about the RV College of Engineering Bangalore placements have been given below:

RVCE Bangalore Placement Statistics 2022

Particulars  Statistics  
Total companies that visited  281  
Number of offers made  1415  
Average salary offered  Rs. 10,61,000  
Highest salary offered  Rs. 56,45,000  
  • Highest salary offered (UG) Rs. 47,00,000
  • Highest salary offered (PG) Rs. 31,50,000

RV College of Engineering Placements is handled by the separate Placement and Training Department of the college, designated for the purpose. Preparations for placements start with the admission of the students in various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. With proper training and guidance, students nurture their technical skills and comprehend how to exhibit their abilities in the best possible way. The entire attire of the college including the excellent faculty members, stimulating college campus, ‘all requirement-available’ infrastructure has been set up to meet the sole purpose of the students’ success. Placements department take pride in the success of their students. The highest salary package offered by the recruiters is 40 lacs per annum.

The placements department holds a place of esteem in the corporate world. The average number of companies visited the institution in the year 2019 is 230 and the number of students placed in top corporate entities with a decent package is 1452. Some of the top recruiters are ABB India Limited, Cisco Systems (India) Private Ltd, CITI BANK, Accenture Services Private Limited, DELL India Private Ltd, etc.

RV College of Engineering Bangalore Top Recruiters

  • Abyeti technologies
  • Saggezza
  • Accenture
  • Accolite
  • Sandisk
  • Dr Reddy’s Labs
  • Adani groups
  • Ebay
  • Paypal
  • Larsen and Toubro
  • Ericsson
  • LG
  • AKS Software
  • Linkedin
  • Flipkart
  • Mashreq Bank
  • McAfee
  • Snapdeal
  • Amazon
  • Dell

Why RV College of Engineering

First and foremost, studying at RV college is a matter of pride for any individual student as the admission to this college is not a cup of cake. Each year, students in thousands of number strive to enroll in RV, Bangalore. RashtreeyaVidyalaya College of Engineering, also known as RVCE is one of the most prestigious institution for Engineering & Technology in India. The college was started off with only 3 departments and today it is offering undergrad program across 12 disciplines and 16 master’s and doctoral programs. This college has witnessed a legacy of academic excellence for more than 55 years. The best thing about RV College of Engineering Courses is that it’s being offered in the emerging and innovative areas of technology trending in the current market or industrial scenario. This college has the best track record of placement in Bangalore. The top notch MNCs and companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Dell etc. Are visiting the college each year to recruit fresh grads. Students also get very good opportunity to go for higher education at some globally renowned universities tied up with RV. The college is also handling lots of projects from DRDO, ISRO etc. In which students can also find their required role. RVCE is the best in aspects of location, accommodation, education quality, infrastructure, faculty compared to any other colleges in Bangalore

Benefits of join RVCE

  1. The 1st and foremost is better placement opportunities at better companies. Ex- Walmart’s package was 18.5L for RVCE this year and 14L in BMSCE. (Came to know this fact through Quora only)
  • Well balanced academics and extra curricular activities.
  • Various technical and non-technical clubs of our interest
  • to enhance our skills and personality.
  • RVCE enhances our time management and stress management capabilities as there is so much to do in very less time. Ex: Self-study final phase, 3rd internals, lab internals all can be completed within a period of 1 week at RVCE.
  • PDP-Personality Development Programs are regularly conducted to boost our confidence and overall personality.
  • Opportunity to participate in national and international competitions in both technical and cultural field.
  • Improves your convincing power as you have to keep convincing your counsellor, HOD, Principal for your work to be done.
  • Increases your stamina as you have to walk at least 1-2km a day in this 52 acre campus.
  1. RVCE teaches you Discipline.

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