Is BITS Pilani exam tougher than JEE mains?

BITSAT is almost at the same level as JEE Main. You need to have good speed and accuracy to clear both the exams. JEE Advanced is tougher than BITSAT as it demands more in-depth understanding of concepts. The BITSAT and JEE preparation is similar.

Is BITSAT more competitive than Jee?

The exam pattern of both the exams also make BITSAT more competitive and tough than JEE Advanced. JEE exam is spread over three sections- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The total number of questions in the exam are 90, objective type questions and the composite time for the exam is 3 hours

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Is the level of questions in BITSAT tougher than JEE Mains or easier?

Let us consider the two exams one by one.


Consists of 90 questions(30 each from Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics)

Time Duration:-3 hours


Consists of 150 questions(+12 Extra Questions if you attempt all the 150 and have time left).The breakup of questions is as follows-

Physics-40 Questions(+4 Extra Questions)

Chemistry-40 Questions(+4 Extra Questions)

Mathematics-45 Questions(+4 Extra Questions)

English & Logical Reasoning-25 Questions

Time Duration:-3 hours

You must have realised it by now!

BITSAT obviously has easier questions compared to JEE MAIN.

As have been pointed out by many people,JEE MAIN requires you to maintain a balance between SPEED and ACCURACY.You may have to dug deep into the concepts for a few problems.BITSAT,on the other hand,is mostly a speed test. It although requires accuracy but maintaining speed while solving the problems is the key.Questions in BITSAT are usually straightforward and mostly require direct application of formulae or concepts.

Which is better BITS Hyd. campus Gоа BITS ?

Well the campuses are built and run on pretty much similar principles. Similar academic structure and content, similar rules and regulations, similar visions and targets, similar color scheme for buildings, similar no attendance policy, similar lite, similar ghot etc.

I guess similar things can be compared.

I am a student of pilani campus, for those who have doubts about pilani students looking down upon other campuses, this is our general opinion on this question.

I did my B.Tech from tier 3 college, there I realized the importance of great college. I prepared and got admission to BITS Pilani – Pilani campus for my Master’s degree in computer science.

The difference between tier 3 college and tier 1 college was pretty clear.

  1. Faculty knowledge
  2. Course Structure
  3. Relative Grading (Oh God! The competition)
  4. Assignments/Projects (you will learn a lot from this)
  5. Internship opportunities
  6. Peer group (the most important one)
  7. Placements (of course)

because of these reasons, BITS is worth it.

If you can get into old IITs then you should go for it otherwise, you should go for BITS Pilani. (I will choose BITS Pilani over IIT Roorkee any day.)

B.E/B.Tech students at BITS are one of the best. You will learn a lot from your peers.

When I was in my B.Tech (tier 3 college), students were never talking about the study. But in BITS Pilani, People do talk about study most of the time.

Now let me tell you one of the best thing about BITS Pilani.

we have PS (practice school), in PS, you will get internship opportunities. So for the summer internship and last semester(6 months) internship, you will get an internship based on your CGPA without an interview. Cool isn’t it?

My friends at IIIT Banglore gave interviews for amazon internship but here in BITS, CGPA above 7 will give you amazon internship without any interview.

so, YES, it’s worth coming to BITS Pilani.

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How good are the Goa and Hyderabad campuses when compared to BITS Pilani for CSE?

Almost all answers I found here are someones blind personal opinion and/or from a Pilani/Goa/Hyderabad campus student who is ineligible to compare his campus with other campuses due to his lack of knowledge about what’s happening there. Generally, this kind of questions get biased answers or in the best case, a popular opinion which in most of the cases, would not vouch for the reality.

First of all I want to ask you two questions. My aim is not to make you lost, but to give you a better perspective.

  • Is it alway fair to say a college is better just because it’s old? (BITS-Pilani is older than UC, Irvine)
  • Is it always fair to assume a department is better just because the student’s placements are better? (What about the other factors like research & faculty and most importantly the student’s effort in landing a good job? )

No, it isn’t fair at all.

And there’s something more. Here you aren’t comparing two different universities. You are comparing the three campuses of a university.

I think you might also know (In case if you don’t, make it an opportunity to know) that,

  • Officially BITS-Pilani is ranked as a whole. Ther are no individual rankings for campuses.
  • All the campuses follow the same academic system (except very minute differences). Same relative grading. Same zero-attendance policy. (Almost) same curriculum. Same final certificate (Written as from BITS-Pilani, not from a campus). Equal opportunity for practice school system and qually talented faculty members.

Although it’s true from evidence that,

  • High BITSAT scorers generally end up Pilani, followed by Goa and Hyderabad campuses.
  • Median student CG is high in Hyderabad, followed by Goa and Pilani. (Sad that affects PS allotments)
  • Hostels are fresh and better in Hyderabad, followed by Goa then Pilani.
  • Whether and the location is better Goa, followed by Hyderabad then Pilani.
  • Some big companies like Google and Facebook won’t come to new campuses.

Expect that, everything else is same or purely uncomparable.

So what makes the difference? …

It’s you.

When you are in a two different situations that offers equal opportunity, it’s you who can make the difference.

As a short answer to you questions, I don’t think if here’s anyone who really exists to compare three of the campuses, unbiased. And if someone exists and he/she says one campus is better than the other, It doesn’t really matters.

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